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We receive hundreds of orders on daily basis from our clients living in different parts of the country. It is our wish to honor every order and we always make our best efforts. Unfortunately, few of the orders could get cancelled either from client or our side due to variety of good or bad reasons. It does not happen very often but we wish to tackle with every kind of situation well in time so nothing unpleasant could happen. Our well written Cancellation Policy aims to deal with every case of cancellation.

Note: If you want to place an order on this website or thinking to cancel an order you recently placed, we advise you to Read and Understand Our Cancellation Policy before you take any action.

When We Cancel An Order?

Of course, every client is valuable to us and every order that we receive on this website is important and we always wish to finish it as early as possible without any interruption. If everything goes well from the first step i.e receipt of order with complete and clear instructions, we assign it to one of our best writers who make sure to meet the deadline given to the client. On contrary to the normal procedure, there could be three possible situations when we might have to go for an order cancellation:

Situation 1: A Client Fails to Give Complete and Clear Instructions Sometimes, a client fails to include complete and clear details in order form which makes us to proceed further. (At first we try to contact the client to get clarification about certain confusions)

Situation 2: A Client Produce Wrong or False Contact Information

Sometimes, we have to contact client to discuss project details and if you are unable to make contact due to wrong or false contact information, we can’t move. (We repeatedly make efforts to approach client until to unless it is too late to work on order)

Situation 3: A Client Gives Too Little Time for Order Completion

Though, we accept orders on urgent basis, we can’t precede an order if there is too little time for completion. In such cases, we might have to compromise over quality of work due to having not enough time which is not acceptable for us. (This situation might lead to order cancellation)

Situation 4: Just In Case Writers Are Not Available

We have a big team of writers and they are always available to work for our thousands of clients. Just in case, writers are not available to work, we would prefer to cancel order at the very first stage.

(Note: If an order is cancelled due to first or second situation, a client may not be able to receive full or part payment because he is at fault. Though, from our side we always try to refund total amount, it usually depends upon completion of work).

How Can You Avoid Penalty?

The best way to avoid penalty in form of half refund or none is to cancel order within 24 Hours. We normally serve a period of 24 hours so the client could get the advantage just in case he changes his mind.

After this period, a request for order cancellation is accepted but the refund of money is decided by our quality control department that monitors each and every order progress. If the order is at initial stage, a full payment can be made.

Violation of Policies

Policies are made to ensure smooth flow of our services and thus we make sure that everyone follows and respects these policies. In case of any violation of the policies from client side, an immediate and strict action is taken against responsible person(s).